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Why Choosing an Experienced Realtor Matters

Having an experienced realtor can make the difference between securing or losing the home of your dreams.

In today’s real estate market of multiple offers, low inventory and rising interest rates it is more important than ever to contract with an experienced realtor. An experienced realtor knows their market and their business.

The Amount of Time an Agent has spent in the Business Matters

When choosing a real estate agent ask if they are a full time agent and how long they have been in the business.  You will need their years of experience and confidence as they guide you through the buying and/or selling process. Their experience, trustworthiness, professionalism and hard work equates to peace of mind for you.

Real Time Listings can Make a Difference in Finding the Home of your Dreams

An experienced Real estate agent can get the most “real time” property listings, comparisons, and benchmarks.  There are many resources to use to search for homes.  The most up-to-date and reliable data is always going to come from the MLS or directly from the broker. With so many options available for your home search publicly online it can be a bit overwhelming, that is when an experienced real estate agent can make a big difference.  He or she is going to be able to keep you updated to-the-minute on the status of properties thorough the process.  They will also conduct an accurate assessment of the market in real time.

An Agent with more Real Estate Knowledge and Wisdom Means Better Service for you

An experienced realtor will be your best resource for information on how long a home has been on the market, if it’s been listed more than once, how it compares to neighboring properties, and any insights from previous inspections.

An experienced real estate agent brings years of knowledge and wisdom. They will know how to structure and negotiate your purchase/sale to your benefit, work through financial approvals, inspection objections, appraisal issues and title challenges.

Experienced Realtors have years of networking with others in the industry and this will provide better service for you.

Expect nothing less….An Experienced Realtor is invaluable and highly sought after.